Hospital "De la Tour"

Hospital "De la Tour" (Hôpital de la Tour), subsidiary of Columbia Health Corporation is one of the largest private hospitals in Switzerland. The clinic was founded in 1976. Hospital is located in the business centre of Geneva, near Meyrin, close to the European Nuclear Research Centre, the airport and the offices of international organizations.


"De La Tour" is the only private hospital in the canton of Geneva, which has a certificate for the organization of intensive care units, including chronic heart disease. The surgery suite consists of six modernized operating rooms. The clinic has more than 500 employees and 180 beds.


The hospital is accredited by the Swiss Medical Association «FMN» for training medical specialists on the residency program. Division of Sports Medicine is used by the Olympic Committee of Switzerland as a medical base.


The clinic is known in Switzerland due to high level of treatment, qualified personnel and individual approach to every person undergoing treatment. In addition, for several years it has been patronizing children entrusted by the humanitarian association "Earth People." The clinic has a well-developed infrastructure. A first aid centre and intensive care department work day and night. It also has a heliport.


• Allergology;
• Spinal diseases;
• Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery;
• Rehabilitation of cardiac patients;
• Dermatology (laser centre);
• Diabetology;
• Nutrition science;
• Ophthalmology; 
• Otorhinolaryngology; 
• Orthopaedics and Traumatology, joint replacement surgery, sports medicine;
• Abdominal surgery;
• Paediatrics; 
• Obstetrics and Gynaecology;
• Urology, lithotripsy;
• Neurosurgery;; 
• Oncology;
• Treatment of work-related diseases; 
• Ambulatory surgery; 
• Physical therapy;
• Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;
• Pulmonary Medicine; 
• Radiology; 
• Haemodialysis; 
• Rheumatology

• Acute medical unit;
• Intensive Care Unit (ICU);
• Medical department;
• Diabetology department;
• Maternity department;
• Endoscopic surgery department;
• Hand surgery department;
• General surgery department;
• Laser Surgery department (Lasix);
• Spinal treatment centre;
• Sports medicine centre;
• Medical Imaging centre (CT, MRT, mammography, ultrasound).

Priority areas of the clinic

The clinic has a modern delivery and operating rooms. Construction and interior are designed to create home furnishings for more comfortable childbirth. It offers training of childbirth preparation for expectant mothers, 4 maternity unit, intensive developmental care.


Cardiology. Cardiovascular Surgery

Hospital offers cardiac services such as day and night monitoring of electrocardiogram changes, radioisotope study for cardiac output assessment, the isotopic analysis with physical activity, an echocardiogram. The clinic has developed a unique rehabilitation program for patients with cardiovascular disease, "CARDIOTOUR", which provides multi-disciplinary approach (participation of dieticians, physical therapists, specialists in the field of complementary medicine).

Non-invasive cardiology: 
• Examination of the cardiovascular system with modern equipment; 
• Detection of arrhythmias and vascular permeability; 
• Detection of possible surgical treatment. 
• Invasive cardiology: 
• Coronary angiography; 
• Angioplasty; 
• Pacing; 
• Heart and vascular surgery (surgery on the valves and coronary surgery, coronary artery grafting, surgery in case of congenital and acquired heart defects).

• Diagnostic workup of malignant tumours and cancer; 
• Sparing comprehensive treatment; 
• Organ-preserving surgery; 
• Bone marrow transplantation.


Ambulance Service. Duty Service 
Round the clock medical care under the supervision of the responsible physician. Supervision over the patient during the day and night.

Endoscopic surgery. Orthopaedics. Rehabilitation centre for athletes «Sport Medical Base»

Orthopaedic centre is famous for its orthopaedic surgery (hip and knee joints), ligaments surgery and rehabilitation (vocational rehabilitation). The hospital performs recovery operations by means of the arthroscopic surgery method.


The Sport Medical Base has long existed in the hospital De la Tour and is considered one of the most advanced in the region. The clinic staffed by competent professionals in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery, is equipped with modern equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation of athletes such as sets for testing muscle strength and speed and a treadmill under water Aquaciser ®. In the near future clinic De la Tour in Meyrin intends to build a new medical rehabilitation centre for athletes.


Preventive medicine is represented in clinical by the check-up-programs of varying degrees of complexity; the results are issued as "Personal medical file" on CD and a flash drive.


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